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what are some good drugstore bb creams that have a variety of skin tone colors asked by Anonymous

The widest range I’ve found for drugstore BB Creams are:

  • Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream (the original)
  • Iman Skintone Evener BB Cream
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Hi I just wanted to answer your anon ask about the garnier bb cream. It doesn't really adjust to your skin tone, I have to buy two different colors to mix and make my own shade. Other than that it's pretty good for a drugstore Product and has pretty good coverage. asked by Anonymous

^ True, those “matching” changing to match your skin foundations don’t actually do that! haha

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I have this like light grey/ silver detailed bedazzled gown I'm going to wear to a wedding and I wanted to know how you think I should do my eyes? I apply eyeshadow great, but I don't know what colors to use or if I should keep it neutral or do a smokey eye bc the dress is so insane? Thanks! asked by Anonymous

Natural Grey:

  • Grey/Taupe on the lid & smokey out on the lower lash line, light/medium brown in the crease, skin tone highlight shade

Very Natural:

  • Skin tone shade brow to highlight, shimmer highlight, light/medium brown in crease


  • Grey/Taupe on the lid and smokey out on the lower lash line, skin tone high light, medium/dark brown in the crease, a dark grey or black in the outer v / outer lower lash line

All of these of course can be worn with black liner on the lid and waterline if you want. I tend to not wear liner on my lid and go for white/nude on the lower lash line.
If you do a Smokey look I would recommend a nude lip. If you were to wear the Natural Grey a natural pink lip and the Very Natural look a red/pink “pop” of color! It all depends on what you’re aiming for!
I know I might want to wear a smokey eye but I rather wear a bold blush and lip so last min I change my look! :)


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What eyeshadow are you wearing in your avatar? asked by Anonymous

MAC All That Glitters, Blanc Type, Embark.

Have you tried the garnier bb cream? I know they only come in a few shades. Do they adjust somewhat your skin? asked by Anonymous

No! They do not make a shade that is near my skin tone!

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