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I'm getting my makeup done at mac and of course I'm buying 50$ worth of product before, but what do you recommend that I buy? Something to use on the daily. Or even like a mac staple everyone should own? asked by Anonymous
  • 217 brush $24 (if you are interested in a good brush)
  • Pro Longwear Concealer $20
  • Eye shadows: All That Glitters, Sable, Embark, Soft brown/Texture $10 pan (you could make a quad if it’s a store) or Singles at $16
do you know any perfect minnie mouse kind of red lipstick? asked by Anonymous

I would use MAC Russian Red, not too blue not too orange.

I know they say makeup doesn't cause acne, but with me anytime I put any type of face makeup on, I always break out bad. I know I have sensitive skin, but I feel like nothing works for me. I would like to highlight, contour, foundation, etc.. But I don't wanna break out. Do you know what would be good for me? I've used a few drugstore products, and they all don't work for me. asked by Anonymous

Make Up can definitely make you break out!!! I personally find that higher end makeup does not break me out. (No MAC foundations / face powders).
I would also make sure you are washing all the makeup off because it gets in your pores and clogs them (all make up does this, there is no such thing as non-comedogenic makeup).

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